How Long Does A Ring Take To Resize

How long does it take to have engagement ring resized?

Normally it takes one to two weeks for a ring to be sized or resized. The more elaborate the setting is the longer it will take. Engagement ring resizing is an essential step in a wedding planning. It is important to have a ring that suits you perfectly.

Resizing an engagement ring

How long does it cost to resize a ring?

The work can be done in as little as two hours, but it may take up to a month if the ring has an intricate setting. Depending on the type of metal and region of the country, a simple resizing can be done for as little as $20 to $60.  For a more complex resizing the cost can range from $50 to $150.

Does resizing a ring weaken it?

If you are going up half a size by having the metal stretched, it will thin out and weaken the metal to some degree. In some cases, resizing a ring can also make the ring slightly weaker at the point where the ring is soldered.

How long does it take for a jeweler to resize a ring?

If the job is simple and the jeweler has no other customers ahead of you, your ring may be resized in as little as an hour. But since the jeweler may have to work on other pieces before he gets to yours, you can usually expect a turnaround time of one to three days.

How many times can a ring be resized?

Typically, rings can be increased or decreased up to two sizes. Beyond that, it can put too much stress on the ring. If you can’t have your ring resized until a future date, your jeweler may add a ring guard to make it a little more snug.

Resizing Rings in Seconds With a Ring Stretcher / Reducer

Does resizing a ring make it thinner?

There is a tiny stretch in the band. However, straining it weakens and thins the ring. Therefore, depending on the band, this can only be done. Typically, it can only go up by half a size.

Is it better to size a ring up or down?

Do you find yourself rotating your ring to face up all the time? Then you should size down, and the jeweler will remove material from your ring. Remember that while most engagement rings can be resized, not all wedding bands can.

Should you resize a ring?

If your ring slides without resistance, it would be too large. And if you can’t move your ring at all, or if it’s uncomfortable to take off or put on, it’s too small. If your ring is too big or too small, you should think about resizing it.

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