How To Write A Capital T In Cursive

How to Write a Cursive Capital “T”

To write a cursive capital “T,” start by drawing a horizontal line across your paper. Then, make a small loop at the top of the line and bring the pen down to the bottom of the line. Next, draw a small loop on the right side of the line and bring the pen up to the top of the line. Finally, make a small loop on the left side of the line and bring the pen back down to the bottom.

What is the cursive of T?

It’s almost exactly like a handwritten capital T. The lowercase cursive t is also almost exactly like a lowercase handwritten t. The letter t in cursive usually connects to the letter h in words.

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Learn cursive handwriting – Capital T

Are cursive letters supposed to connect?

When kids are learning to write cursive letters, they need to connect cursive lines together appropriately right from the start. Teaching correct connectors between letters is essential for cursive accuracy and legibility.

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